Research Activity 1
Templates on innovative rail-based supply chains

Responsible partner: OTB TU Delft

The objective of Research Activity 1 is to determine what kind of innovative rail freight services would be able to match the specific requirements of the logistics markets on the project corridor. In this respect the CREAM Project is committed to an integral view on rail freight service characteristics including a set of "typical" rail performance features such as time-table, price, rate of punctuality or flexibility, the definition of appropriate rail production schemes as well as additional customer services like tracking and tracing information, road haulage services or intermediate storage of intermodal units. The result of RA 1 is a set of comprehensive templates on road-competitive rail-based supply chains which could serve shippers and forwarders properly. These results are input to other research activities, in particular to RA 3, 4, 7 and 8.

Research Activity 1 is divided into

  • RA 1.1 - Analysis of market requirements compared to the benchmark "door-to-door" road transport
  • RA 1.2 - Determination of templates on innovative rail freight services and supply chains

Work Progress RA 1

To assess the market requirements and derive templates on innovative rail freight services, two main sources have been taken into account:

  • the operational CREAM partners (operators & forwarders)
  • questionnaires which have been transferred to selected transport providers and were published on the CREAM website

The results of related work packages are compiled in the deliverables DR 1.1 and DR 1.2 which are both confidential. Publishable results are included in the Final Report on page 20-29: "The CREAM corridor and its rail freight market".

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