Research Activity 8
Coordination of Training/Demonstration Activities & Risk Management

Responsible partner: HaCon

In order to have a smooth transition from Research to Training and Demonstration, Research Activity 8 has been initiated for coordinating the training & demonstration activities. This includes the planning and scheduling of Training and Demonstration Activities with respect to the results, elaborated within the corresponding Research Activities as well as the supervision of these activities and the development of fall-back solutions in case of irregularities. The risks of unexpected outcomes of the single research activities shall be analysed and continuously be supervised. Demonstration (and Training-) activities will be adapted, whenever necessary. Fall-back strategies will be developed prior the start of the respective Demonstration activities and will be adapted according to the respective incidents as soon as an unexpected outcome of a research activity becomes likely. As the risk management and the connected planning of the Demonstration activities is a kind of supervising task, RA 8 will be guided by the Project Coordinator and will include the "key-players" of the Demonstration activities.

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