Project Summary

The CREAM Project was set up to respond to the increasing demand for rail-based logistic systems and to support the implementation of change in the European railway area that has been initiated by the European legislation.

Against the benchmarking business models of logistic service providers, CREAM has defined advanced customer-driven business models for railway undertakings and intermodal operators. CREAM has analysed the operational and logistic prerequisites for developing, setting up and demonstrating seamless rail freight and intermodal rail/road and rail/short sea/road services on a Trans-European mega-corridor between the Benelux countries and Turkey/Greece. On this basis the CREAM partners developed different business cases, which were integrated into an innovative corridor-related freight service concept, with respect to:

  • Innovative rail-based supply chains including intelligent rail and multimodal operation models
  • A Quality management system
  • Interoperability and border crossing
  • Integrated telematic solutions for train control, tracking & tracing of shipments and customer information
  • Rail logistics for temperature-controlled cargoes and
  • New technology for the transport of unaccompanied semi-trailers in intermodal transport

All project developments were designed for a very challenging transport corridor: This corridor incorporates completely new rail infrastructure dedicated to rail freight, congested industrialised and rural areas and passes EU member states, accession states and candidate countries. The transports considered involve different kinds of stakeholders including new entrant railway undertakings and customers from various market segments. The proposed solutions were field-validated in full-blown demonstrations within the lifetime of the project (2007-2011).

Fact Sheet:

CoordinatorHaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hannover, Germany
Project ManagementHaCon / KombiConsult
Project Duration01/2007 - 12/2011
30 Project Members from 13 Countries:
Railway Undertakings / Infrastructure Managers Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ), CFR Marfa (until 12/2010), DB Schenker Rail (formerly Railion), Hellenic Railways (OSE), Lokomotion (until 12/2010), Macedonian Railways Infrastructure (MZ), Rail Cargo Austria, Rail Cargo Hungaria (formerly MÁV Cargo; until 12/2010) Keyrail (05/2007 – 12/2010), Railion Nederland (until 12/2007), Rail Traction Company (RTC; until 12/2010), Slovenian Railways (SZ), Turkish State Railways (TCDD)
Intermodal Operators / Logistic Companies Balnak (until 12/2010), DB Mobility Logistics (formerly Stinnes; until 05/2008), Ekol (since 10/2008), Intercontainer Austria (until 12/2009), Kombiverkehr, Ökombi (since 10/2007), OZV (since 1/2008), Transport Route Wagon (TRW; until 4/2009)
Technology Providers Eureka (since 9/2008), HaCon, Knorr-Bremse (until 09/2008), Voith Turbo (03/2009 – 12/2010)
Consultants / Researchers / Associations HaCon, KombiConsult, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), TU Delft – OTB Research Institute, UIC
Cooperating Partners
Railway / Intermodal Operators Adria Kombi, Astra Logistics, Czech Railways (ČD), Europe Intermodal, GySEV, ZSSK Cargo